TinyPA Booking and Invoice Management Software For Makeup Artists Save hours each month on managing your bookings and invoicing your clients

Client Management Software For Makeup Artists


TinyPA is a personal assistant in your pocket, designed specifically to allow you, the makeup artist, to quickly and easily manage all your bookings and invoices.


Keep all of your client and booking information up to date and in one place, accessible from your phone or your computer. Add makeup notes, services, contact details and key event specifics


Invoice from any booking you've created with the click of a button. Quickly add or remove services, apply discounts and stay on top of which invoices have been paid and which are outstanding


Remove the stress of administration with our one click, professional looking invoicing, and a table summary of every invoice you've sent ready for the tax man.

Ashley Kay Gifford PrimpPowderPout

Ashley Kay Gifford - PrimpPowderPout

"...I can't live without it. It's been easy to use and personalise and it's made it so much easier to keep track of my bookings and invoices for clients.

The double bonus is that I can use it from my phone and that the invoices look professional! Best invoicing system I've ever used."

Booking and invoice management

TinyPA Booking Manager

Booking manager

Manage all your bookings in one place. Create bookings or share your booking form and allow clients to book you.

Booking notes

Record notes about the specific makeup requirements of your client. Get the right information every time.


Automatic email confirmations ensure both you and your clients have a record of the booking for added peace of mind.

Booking forms

Take bookings through your website or share your form by email and make sure you get the right information directly.

Customise your services

Add your services and prices and build bookings based on the specific requirements of each client.

Invoice builder

Invoice with the click of a button. Adjust your pricing, apply discounts, request partial payment or just hit send.

Professional invoices

Each invoice created is converted to a professional looking pdf document that can be emailed directly to your client.

Invoice manager

Track which invoices you've sent and which have been paid. Search, filter and export ready for your tax return.

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