Help and FAQs

If you're new to TinyPA, take a moment to watch our demo video and get a tour of the app


Below you'll find some of FAQs, as well as links to video tutorials where we walk you through how to use TinyPA

How do I add services and change my pricing?

Watch the video tutorial

What are these booking form links that you've given me?

Watch the video tutorial

How do I invoice my clients with TinyPA?

Watch the video tutorial

I use a diary, how is this going to make managing bookings easier for me?

TinyPA allows you or your clients to create a booking, following which you'll be sent a confirmation email with a link to add the details to your calendar. This means you have all the correct information captured for every client, every time, and its easily accessible via your email and online calendar.

Can I use TinyPA if I don't use a digital calendar

Absolutely - TinyPA allows you to keep all you booking information in one place and is designed to allow you to manage and invoice them quickly, but you can of course maintain your own calendar or diary alongside

I can’t find my booking confirmations in my inbox - why not?

It is likely the email from our booking system was sent to your SPAM folder. You can search for emails from Please mark it as not SPAM so future emails should go straight to your inbox.

Do you have an app I can download from the app store?

You can now get the TinyPA App on Google Play. We don't yet support an iOS app, but iPhone users can add a shortcut to our webapp to their homescreen. For details on how to do this follow this link (external site)

Please let us know if you'd like us to work on a TinyPA iOS app - once we get enough requests we'll be sure to prioritise it.